Kerri (starlite25) wrote in giambi_groupies,


HOORAY for Jason's first home run of the year!!!!!!

It's good to see he's doing better, it really is.
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omg fawkin God I LOVE THAT ICON<333 that was the best episode EVER of SNL
Hehe...sadly, I haven't seen it yet. I'm still waiting for E to show the rerun.

And you're from Lindenhurst? I'm from Huntington...LOL.

I'm gonna add you if it's OK :-)
sure can :)


April 18 2005, 12:33:51 UTC 11 years ago

It's cute how you idolize a steroid user. He is a joke and so are you. Without the drugs he can't win. Sad..

First of all, did you read the rules on the info page? If not, I would suggest doing so. If so, well, in that case I would suggest learning to read.

Second of don't know me (or anyone here, for that matter) from the hole in your ass, so you have absolutely no right passing judgement on me. I am who I am. Don't like it? Fuck off.

Third of all...don't bother replying. Because you're not going to have the last word, so doing so would be useless.

Yeah girl! You tell em!
Hehe...oh, I will. Nobody fucks with me and nobody fucks with Jason! (Except me, of course...haha ;-)